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Bachelor Filming Underway Without Who We Thought..

The new series of our favourite guilty pleasure The Bachelor is filming right now and there are two people who have confirmed they are not undertaking the process.

Former contestant Michael Turnball has ruled himself and Richie Strahan out of the running of giving the ladies roses is in the upcoming season.

Michael told the Sydney Morning Herald that he spoke to Richie on Thursday and they asked each other if they were locked in, to which they both replied ''no''.

When probed further about why they were not up for the process Michael said ''It's a very draining experience and it does take a lot of your time up. You have to go into hiding for many months and that is a lot of time away from family and friends''.

So, it appears with a change of production company taking charge of the Bachelor this year, we may also be getting some brand new blood.

A brand new hunk in my life is just what I need right now.

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