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Charmed Could Be On It's Way Back!

It has been ten years since we last saw our favourite sisters, the Hailliwell's, on our TV screens but they could be about to make a return.

2016 is already the year of shows returning, with Full House back and Gilmore Girls on it's way and it looks like Charmed could be one that we get back too.

Alyssa Milano, who played Pheobe on the show, shared her thoughts on a comeback with Entertainment Tonight saying ''We are all open for it. It seems like that's going to happen any second. I just feel like with all these reunions happen, our cult following means it could be coming''.

However, it looks like the original cast may not be part of it, as host network CBS owns the right and is apprently looking at bringing it back with an all new cast.

Still, some charmed is better than no charmed, right?

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