• Which Starlet Had Her Dimple Pierced?!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photo via Amanda Bynes' tumblr

Former Nickelodeon starlet, Amanda Bynes has certainly shocked us with her latest beauty statement - a silver stud piercing the dimple of her left cheek!

The troubled actress has distanced herself from the fresh faced teen who hosted her own kids variety program, The Amanda Show, and starred in movies like Big Fat Liar and Hairspray.

Amanda Bynes & Frankie Muniz in Big Fat Liar (source: AAP)

Most recently, Bynes has featured in the media for all the wrong reasons, having been arrested and charged for drink driving and swiping a police car, as well as being charged with hit and run for leaving the scene of two separate accidents in the US.

While there is no word whether the piercing, shown in a photo on Byne's tumblr, is real, we're just hoping it's not the start of a new trend!

Tell us below... what fashion accessories have shocked or even freaked you out?


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