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Have ANOTHER MAFS Couple Switched Partners In Real Life?

In the words of DJ Khaled - "and another one"...

Lordy, this is becoming too much. It seems that the "experts" have had a high success rate with couple matching in the form of swapping on MAFS this season.

In a more likely pairing (than Troy and Carly), contestants Ryan and Ashley have been BUSTED doing groceries together. 

While this may seem like the most mundane thing you've ever read in your life, that's the whole point. Who does grocery shopping together if you're not "together"?

So to catch you up, Ryan married Davina, who cheated on him with Dean. Ashley married Troy who is now with Carly IRL... and now Ryan is with Ashley. We know. This is a serious love hexagonal...

A sneaky FB user, Adam Zerafa, captured video of Ryan and Ashley together in a carpark at Marsden Shopping centre Queensland... and guys, they were putting groceries in the SAME CAR.

This is some sneaky filming on Adam's part, however, the pair did catch him out and flash him with a cheeky smile.

To be honest, these two are pretty cute together...don't ya think?

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