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Anna Heinrich Is Copping It Over A Photoshop Faux Pas

Anna Heinrich has copped it on Instagram overnight, but the reason why is a little ridiculous.

It’s all because of a photo the blonde beauty uploaded to her private Instagram from Derby Day, where she’s seen posing with her sisters as they made their way into the event.

Heinrich is seen turning to the camera and posing in a black and white jumpsuit, matching hat and black bag over her shoulder.

The reason she’s come under fire is to do with the bag’s strap; as the chain seems to go missing at her shoulder.

‘Check out the handbag strap, so disappointed she photoshops her pics ..’ one user wrote.

‘Why is your shoulder blurred?’ another questioned.

Many have accused her of photoshopping her photos and going a little too crazy with the ‘blurring’ feature - but others have taken to her defence.

‘If you have an iPhone it’s probably the ‘live photos’ feature that blurs part of the images between frames. Happens to my pics all the time,’ one user wrote.

Anna directed the doubters to her Instagram story, before replying to one of her backers.

‘Yeah I think that’s it. Thanks for that x’ Anna replied.

We’ll put it down to that ‘live’ feature then, me thinks.

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