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Bachelor Sam Reveals Who That Rose Was Really Meant For

This season, there has been plenty of dramas in the Bachelor house.

However, no-one has made more of a stir so far than Emily.

Personally, I was a huge Emily fan, putting her stiff demeanor down to bad editing and also the anxiety that comes with a competition like this. So when Kyle and Jackie O got the chance to speak to her after her shock exit, they jumped on the chance.

Emily, who had been silenced from talking to other media, told Kyle and Jackie O exclusively about the 'real Sam' and addressed Bec Chin's sudden departure. When asked by Jackie if we were seeing the 'real Sam', she said "haha, what do you think?'

Now, Sam has hit back, addressing many rumours about the show, specifically who would have got 'that' rose, had Emily not stormed out, was it meant for her, or was it meant for Nina?

When Emily was driving away in the car, she said that she knew the rose was meant for her, but after their conversation that night, where Sam had called her 'highly strung', she didn't feel like it was the right place for her to be.

“I absolutely was not going to give Emily a rose and I think she knew and that’s why she left,” he said.

According to reports, Sam also meets up with the 'winner' every fortnight at an exotic resort.

“I can’t wait for it to be finished,” he confessed.

“It’s not so much so that I’m able to talk about it, but so that I can be together with the girl that I end up with.”

And while he kept quiet on who that girl may be, Wood did reveal the relationship is still going strong months after the show stopped filming. The happy duo are counting down the days until they can watch what he said is an ‘amazing finale’ together.

Source: News.com.au

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