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Turns Out We’ve Been Saying Chrissy Teigen's Name Wrong

Remember how red-faced we felt after finding out that we’d been saying Ariana Grande’s name this entire time? Well it’s just happened all over again…

You might remember a few weeks ago that we uncovered on the Kyle and Jackie O Show during O News that Ariana’s last name isn’t actually pronounced Grand-day like the Starbucks coffee cup size.

In fact, it’s actually pronounced Grand-ee and somewhere along the line Ariana just decided to stop correcting us. Yep, our minds were pretty much BLOWN to say the least.

And we weren’t the only ones! Numerous fans took to Twitter at the time to express just how shocked they were at the news.

But instead of eventually recovering from this revelation, it turns out that we actually kicked off the uncovering of other celeb names we’ve been mispronouncing this entire time. Including, the one and only Chrissy Teigen!

Yep, while all of us were over here freaking out about Ari, one dedicated Chrissy fan announced that we’ve also been saying her last name wrong. Chrissy then confirmed the news herself in a Tweet.

So while we’ve all been saying Chrissy Tee-gen, and that’s probably how you read it in your head just before, it turns out that her surname is actually pronounced Tie-gen. As in, the thing that men wear around their neck with a suit!!

If you need a video tutorial, here’s Chrissy’s mum saying the surname herself.

Of course, the reason why a lot of us wouldn’t have known that this was the case is because Chrissy has been doing an Ariana and has been saying it incorrectly herself for a long time!

One fan pointed this out on Twitter and Chrissy replied saying that it’s all a bit “effed up” but basically she hates correcting people, even with things other than just her name.

And girl we feel you there! We can’t count the amount of times someone’s gotten our order wrong and we’ve just eaten it anyway…

But seriously, if there’s anymore stars out there with names we’ve been saying incorrectly, please tell us now or forever hold your peace! We don’t think we can take the shock anymore.

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