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Dakota Johnson Watching Angelina Jolie Ignore Jen Aniston

In case you missed it, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were both in attendance at the annual Golden Globe awards and have since made headlines due to the rumoured “tension” between the two of them. 

People were wondering if the pair would interact at all…

Or if they would gossip about Brad Pitt together…

But, the real highlight came when Jennifer took the stage to present an award alongside Carol Brunett. An image posted by Instagram account obviousbutamazing showed a wild moment of what happened in the crowd while Jen was onstage.

A post shared by @obviousbutamazing on

Look closely and you’ll spot Dakota Johnson glancing at Angeline Jolie who is very clearly avoiding Jennifer Aniston. 

Although, you could argue that Angeline is perhaps maybe just distracted with her food but the timing is just too good.

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