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Does Sasha Mielczerek Have A New Girlfriend?

Couples from Channel 10's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have been breaking up left, right and centre recently.

And one break up that hit us really hard was that off Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczerek, after the pair had made us fall in love with their romance on screen, only to call it quits at the end of last year.

We now know that Sam has moved on with a different hunk, Dave Bashford, who has made a few appearances on her socials, but the question that we've all been wondering, is what has Sasha been up to?

And according to an article in The Daily Telegraph, he's been quite busy actually...after being spotted on a date with a Nine News Anchor last month in Queensland's Fortitude Valley.

And the name of the lovely lady? Well it seems Sasha may have a "type", as it is none other than Samantha Heathwood...or as some have referred to her as, the "new" Sam.

But, it may be too soon to start swooning over the adorable couple, who met through mutual friends, with rumours saying that Sam broke off the fling due to Sasha's height, or lack thereof.

A source spoke to The Daily Telegraph saying, "Sam has always thought he was really hot so was keen to give it a go.

"Unfortunately, the night was not a great success, mainly because Sam though Sasha was quite short."

The insider also added that, "He looks a lot taller on TV."

So it seems that for now Sasha is still flying solo. But for those women out there who don't really care about height, and were loving Sasha after his appearance on The Bachelorette, you could definitely hit him up.

And you know, if your name is Sam, you might actually be in with a good chance of scoring a date!

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