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Everything We Know About The Riverdale Season 2 Release

If you’ve already jumped on the ‘Riverdale’ bandwagon, and are well versed in the amazingness that is this young cast, I apologise. I have just finished my run with the show - and I’m hooked, line and sinker.

So with season two’s impending release on 12 October, 2017, we thought it important to discuss what to expect, because one thing’s for sure… it’s going to be EPIC.

- Someone else could die


It seems like Fred Andrews could be on his way out, after being shot in Pop’s by a masked man in front of his son, Archie.

- Jughead is even hotter


Beanie and all, he’s hot that sultry, brooding thing the girls just LOVE.

- Archie may be too affected by the shooting, and ruin things with Veronica


The trailer shows him up at night, worried about the masked man coming back. He’s got the baseball bat ready.

- ‘Bughead’ will be tested

Jughead will have to choose between his two worlds; the one with Betty, or the one on the South side, where his dad is from. This will put tension on their relationship.

- Cheryl turns the tables


After being scared of her ‘mummy’ for so long, the burning down of Thornhill Manor means that Cheryl has instilled fear in her mother, and turned the tables. So the eery vision of her stroking her mum’s burnt face in hospital shows.

- Polly will have the babies

Because she was already looking like she was ready to pop in season one.


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