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EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen’s Ex-PA shares ALL His Secrets

Kyle and Jackie O spoke exclusively to Charlie Sheen's Ex-Personal Assistant, revealing ALL his home life secrets. 

The former PA, who chose to remain anonymous worked for Sheen for two years before deciding the "environment [was] a circus" and quit because it was taking a toll on her mentally and physically. 


When Kyle asked if the "sex and the orgy's" were really going on, the ex-Pa responded with "that and much more". 

Although she did say she didn't witness any of the sexual acts because "He's a pretty private guy" and "it was all behind closed doors". 

"He lives in a $20million dollar house but he likes to stay in a small room with the door closed and do whatever he's doing in there". 

"He rarely goes outside ... It's sad". 

She also said she was aware of his HIV condition for four years now. 

"We all had to keep it hidden. We signed disclosure agreements when we started working for him". 

"I think a lot more people knew about it than they're saying. It was a hush hush thing in Hollywood". 


Hookers were around for Charlie's entertainment and company. 

"If he really liked them he'd pay them up to $50,000 for the company, the sex, the drug use and the partying". 


"He was a fan of cocaine ... he liked to dabble in a little bit of everything". 

"He was constantly being extorted ... everybody's trying to get a piece of him"

The majority of it was not talking about the drug use or overhearing something they weren't supposed to. 


She also said he had wads of cash everywhere. His bed side tables were stashed with cash for the hookers. 

When Kyle asked if she suspected he was every stolen from, the Ex-PA responded with yes, because he was so out of it most of the time, it would've been easy for him to miss something. 


According to the Ex-PA, the HIV thing was under wraps for a long time. 

"I've asked around and tried to see if anyone contracted [HIV] from him and no body has and I think that's a blessing" 

Charlie's Kids

"The Kids were never exposed to any of that stuff. They weren't living in the house, they lived with their mums". 

On the topic of abuse towards Denise Richards for not bringing their kids around often enough, the PA said "Yeah, that's true." 

According to her, Denise didn't want the kids around him all that often because unfortunately he was so often under the influence. 

"It was always rocky with Denise, always rocky with Brooke.. it was just always war between all of the parties involved". 

Overall, as a result of working with Charlie Sheen, she said "I really learned that money and fame don't mean everything."

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