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Fifth Harmony Confirm They Won't Be Changing Their Name

We can probably all agree that a band with four members and a name with an entirely different number reference doesn't quite make sense.

Which is why no-one would have blamed Fifth Harmony for changing their name when Camila Cabello left and turned the quintet into a quartet.

But the girls refused and, six months on, have finally explained their decision.

"It was obviously a thought, because it was a prevalent thing that there's four of us not five," Lauren Jauregui told MTV News

"Regardless, we were all very united in the fact that we didn't want to change the name.

"Fifth Harmony is the name we grew up with and we worked for and it's our brand.

"It's who we are. It's our entire moments. It's what we spent five years on."

Wait, it gets cuter; band member Dinah Jane Hansen then piped up, adding "The fans names us Fifth Harmony. And now they're the fifth member."

Check out Fifth Harmony's first track as a foursome - plus Gucci Mane, obviously - below.

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