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Gabi Grecko Loses Her Baby

Gabi Grecko has reportedly lost her baby she was expecting with disgraced businessman Geoffery Edelsten.

She revealed last week that she was four weeks pregnant, but since suffered a fall in her Melbourne apartment, resulting in a fractured rib and collapsed lung.

Now she has revealed that she lost her baby over an Instagram post that she has since deleted of a cartoon angel with the caption, "I've created an angel".

Mamamia have been writing about Gabi Grecko for years and have decided to stop writing about her. 

They suspect that she and husband Edelsten are lying, they wrote: 

"The story shifts constantly with this couple. It always has. They tell tales (even the story of how they met is contested – she says they met at a fashion show; he says they met on the street) and they court public attention with a relentless dedication rarely seen in this country. So-called ‘spontaneous’ moments are hooked up with the paparazzi in advance. Their entire relationship is chronicled in excruciating detail with media statements and social media posts. Their lives appear performative at best.

"What’s clear is that they love attention. They live for it. To be looked at and photographed. To be talked about.

"But it’s time to turn off the oxygen," Mamamia's article read.

They have gone as far to suspect that the entire pregnancy was fake, especially after the revelation that she used a stock image of a positive pregnancy test on her Instagram. 

OMG ❤️💗⭐️⭐️⭐️

A photo posted by Mrs Gabi Grecko Edelsten (@mrsgabigrecko_edelsten) on

"It’s a troubling thing to fake a pregnancy. It’s even more disturbing to potentially manufacture an injury in order to get out of an earlier fabrication. Maybe she was never pregnant, maybe she was," Mamamia wrote.

Is her story fake or do you believe it?

Source: Mamamia

Photos: Instagram


A photo posted by Mrs Gabi Grecko Edelsten (@mrsgabigrecko_edelsten) on

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