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Hilary Duff Has Just Let It All Hang Out And We Are Stunned

We all know her as Lizzie McGuire but Hilary Duff has definitely moved on.

In the latest season of her TV show Younger, the 29-year-old actress lets it all hang out after her character goes on all night bender and sleeps with a stranger.

The scene sees Hilary looking slightly worse for wear, as one of her assets spills out of her plunging top.


She comes back to the cabin she's sharing with Liza, played by Sutton Foster, and is seemingly unaware of the racy wardrobe malfunction.

She informs her roommate that she has slept with a stranger but Liza seems disinterested before saying 'Your tit's out!' - propelling her to to quickly stuff it back in her top.

We think a few girls can probably relate to the nip slip after a night out in the real world... 

Younger is currently in it’s fourth season and can be viewed on Stan.

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