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If You Do THIS In A Café, You’ll Have To Pay MORE

If you've ever worked in hospitality you'd understand the motives of this cafe owner. 

Marisel Valencia Madrid, has imposed a 'rude tax' on customers after becoming so appalled at the manners of some. 

In an attempt to weed out the rude customers, the owner placed a sign outside the beachside Restaurant Blau Grifeu in Spain, which states if you fail to say please or thank you during your order, you will be charged a massive $7.35. 

However, if you're polite and use your please and thank you's, like your parents ought to have taught you, you receive a cheap $1.90 coffee. Pretty easy, hey.

A less courteous order will be billed $4.40. That's if you only remember to say either 'please' or 'thank you.' 

The cunning plan appears to have paid off for the owner. So far, nobody has had to pay the $7.35. 

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