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Luke Jacobz Claims Lindsay Lohan Would Text Him Repeatedly

Last night, Entertainment reporter Richard Reid struck gold when Luke Jacobz revealed his bizarre encounter with Lindsay Lohan. 

The I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here star and actor claimed that none other than Lindsay Lohan made multiple attempts to lure him to her hotel room after spotting the gorgeous Aussie on the street in Los Angeles.

"I was a 100 percent complete random to Miss Lohan," Luke admitted, "which I thought was hilarious."

"She picked me up one day, on the street. Lindsay is driving along, she does a u-turn and mounts the curb in a Porsche... she asked for my number."

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Lindsay reportedly took the number and used it, with the actor saying: "She texted and texted. She texted, I would say, 25 times."

Later that night, Jacobz was out with friends when he claims the actress invited him to her room at Hollywood's luxurious Chateau Marmont. Her messages included the following: "What are you doing, when are you coming? I put your name at the door. I'm in the room, I'm waiting for you."

Unfortunately for Lohan, Jacobz never showed up.

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"She sounded a little bit too keen," he admitted. "She sounded like she was smashed and I wasn't ready for that."

However, Luke Jacobz - who is currently engaged to Raychel Stuart - doesn't regret his decision one bit and is happier than ever. 


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