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Jarrod Planned To Propose To Sophie On The Fijian Sand...

It may not come as a shock to everyone, given what we saw throughout the Bachelorette journey, but it turns out Jarrod had plans bigger than us all - if he was chosen by Sophie.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, the besotted runner-up revealed that had Sophie given him the nod, he would have dropped to one knee right there on that Fijian sand and asked Sophie to be his wife.

He also revealed the two would have tied the knot right there on the family vineyard in Victoria.

“The place looks beautiful every other day,” Jarrod told OK!.

“I already said to Sophie that I’d like to get married on the vineyard and she was all up for it.”

Heartbreakingly, that’s not the way it panned out.

“I thought I was going home with Sophie that day,” he revealed.

“I was so confident that what we had was there. And it wasn’t until literally, the last moment, when she said her heart belongs to someone else … I had no idea.”

Good news for Sophie? If it doesn’t work out with Stu, Jarrod’s there, waiting to swoop in.

He’s told both Kyle and Jackie O and The Project that he’d be willing to pick up where they left off, as “the feelings are still there.”

Source: news.com.au

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