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John Cena & Nikki Bella Spotted Hanging Out Together

John Cena and Nikki Bella’s relationship has been going up and down so much recently that our head’s are literally spinning.

First, they got engaged in a very public and epic setting at WrestleMania only to break-up recently, breaking all of our heart’s in the process. Then John popped up on national TV over in America professing his love for Nikki and saying he wanted to get back with her, and now it seems that his wish might’ve just come true!

Confused? Yeah same here, but basically what we’re talking about is that John and Nikki have been spotted hanging out together over the weekend.

And TMZ are actually reporting that John instigated the meet up with his ex-fiance in an attempt to win her back!

The former couple were photographed going for a stroll in their active wear (which might we add is kinda matchy-matchy like a couple…) through the Mission Hills neighbourhood of San Diego on Saturday.

So seriously guys, what’s going on here? Did John’s public appeal tug on Nikki’s heart strings just enough to win her back? We guess only time will tell if things are back on between the two.

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