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Kylie Jenner Fans Have A New Theory About Stormi’s Father

If you thought the questions over Kylie Jenner’s baby Stormi were thrown in the bin along with Tyga’s paternity tests, you were very wrong.

And that’s because fans have come out with a new theory regarding the baby daddy, and this time there’s some photos that actually made us stop and think that the theories could be plausible!

One eagle-eyed fan stirred up drama by posting comparison photos of Stormi Webster and Kylie’s bodyguard, noting the startling resemblance between the two.

And of course after one person posted about it, the rumour has snowballed and caused people on the twitter sphere to LOSE THEIR MINDS over the possibility that the star’s bodyguard could be the real father.

The man in question is Tim Chung and not only is he stunningly handsome and look a lot like baby Stormi, but he also had, shall we say plenty of opportunity, to get up close and personal with Kylie being the one person who is by her side at all times to protect her from the bad guys.

Stay hydrated. LA heat is back

A post shared by TIM CHUNG (@timmm.c) on

Of course, Tim has not made any comment about the rumours, but could they be true? After all, it’s been no secret that people have been questioning Travis Scott as the true father based on the fact that baby Stormi kinda looks nothing like him…

Our little rager !!!!

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Of course either way, at least Travis has stepped up to the plate and appears to be being a good father to Stormi! Kylie and Travis are currently on a family holiday with their bub in Turks and Caicos.


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