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Laura Byrne Just Admitted Something Huge About The Bachelor

She may have remained adamant that she and Matty J had never spoken before meeting on the Bachelor..

But Laura Byrne has been caught out by a slip of the tongue, which has made fans wonder if she has been telling lies.

The comment in question has been brought up by fans who watched the Project following a line of questioning about if she had ever spoken to Matty before going on the show.

Laura confessed that she had laid eyes on Matty when they had visited the same sauna, saying: 'I was there with a friend and I was like, 'I think that's the guy from The Bachelor and that was all, there was no conversation.'

While it may be an innocent comment, Laura’s confession isn’t the same story we have heard before, especially s Channel Ten insiders have said that Matty was not known to be going into the Bachelor until everyone was in lockdown.

'The contestants were in lockdown when it was announced [that Matty was The Bachelor]. They didn't have a clue it was him,' the source claimed.

While Laura may have suffered an innocent slip-up, the effect of her words imply that she had indeed spoken to (and possibly dated) Matty prior to the show.

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