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MAFS 2019: Cast Secrets Revealed

Well my golly get ready to mop up a mighty big mess because the reality TV tea has just been spilled!

Bombshell Secrets Revealed About the 2019 cast of married at first sight

The 2019 season of Married At First Sight doesn’t officially kick off until next week on Channel Nine but we’re already certain that it’s going to be on par with their last hit season for the amount of drama it delivers.

Up until now we’ve only had those intense advertisements currently on rotation on the network as a way to get to know the singles who are going to be walking down the aisle to marry a complete stranger.

But thankfully the people over at NW mag have just dropped an absolute MAFS bombshell by revealing every single juicy secret about the upcoming cast members that makes them worthy of competing with the ratings brought by the Nasser’s and Davina’s of last season.

So without further ado let’s get into it and get to know exactly who the 2019 MAFS cast is!

Name: Matthew


Bombshell secret: He’s a virgin who hasn’t even kissed a girl for seven years


While walking down the aisle to marry a complete stranger is going to be a first for all of our contestants, it turns out that this social experiment could be the start of a lot of firsts for this videographer from Queensland who describes himself as “chronically single”.

Not only will the kiss to seal the deal during his wedding ceremony be Matt’s first kiss in seven years, but if things do get intimate between him and his bride it will also be the first time that he shares a bed with a woman!

Turns out that Matt is a 29-year-old virgin and as far as we can tell a total old school romantic at heart! “It’s not religious - it’s a personal choice,” he has said of the bombshell. “And it’s terrifying that I have to tell some stranger that I first meet that I’m a virgin.”

“I’m incredibly excited to meet my bride. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see her, to get to know he likes and dislikes, what she’s passionate about and what makes her tick,” Matthew added. “I’ve never been more excited to meet someone I know nothing about.”

Name: Dino

Age: 34

Bombshell secret: He’s a former stripper and certainly not a reality TV rookie!


While his bio reads that he’s a meditation coach (whatever that means) Dino Hara apparently has a rather naughty occupation to add to his resume.

NW has revealed that Dino actually spent some time as a stripper and pageant king before dating his last partner!

“Before I met my ex of three years, I was a male entertainer for like a year and a half,” he said.

“I wore different sorts of uniforms - army guy, police guy… But I guess I was doing it for different purposes.”

But if your partner says that they recognise ol’ Dino, don’t be too concerned that it’s because of his past years as an entertainer…It turns out that the 34-year-old actually previously appeared on another reality TV dating show, First Dates.

Name: Sam

Age: 26

Bombshell Secret: He’s a former actor on a long running Aussie Soap who’s never dated and we quote a woman who’s “big”


We have no doubt that actor/tradie Sam Ball will bring the drama to this season of MAFS with his unwavering good looks and upfront honesty.

Having previously appeared on Home and Away and Secret City, Sam is now looking to settle down with someone who he describes as a “confident woman who sees beyond his good looks”.

But speaking of looks, the ripped fella did admit that he’s a gym-lover who’s only ever dated women with a similar interest in the past.

“I’ve never dated girls [that] big,” he told NW adding that he “loves any form of fitness - yoga, gym, action sports…you name it, I do it!”

Name: Martha

Age: 30

Bombshell Secret: She’s got a deal breaker but it’s not what you might think


We have a feeling that things are going to have to get pretty serious pretty quickly between this make-up artist from Sydney and her MAFS hubby after she admitted that her deal breaker in a relationship is if things aren't working between the sheets.

“Sex is a massive part of a relationship,” the 30-year-old said to NW. “Intimacy is part of getting close to someone and I feel like if that isn’t good then…I don’t know - it’s important to me! I want to be intimate with my partner, I don’t want it to be one of those wasp kind of relationships.”

Although TBH is this much of a bombshell? Isn’t bad sex a deal breaker for pretty much everyone?

Either way, contestants don’t typically get intimate with each other early on in the show so we bet producer’s are hoping that Martha will be the one to get the ball rolling.

Or we reckon they’ve got their fingers crossed that she’ll try and initiate a couple swap like the resident villain from last season Davina, which she certainly admitted she's open to.

“I guess if you’re not feeling something with the person that you’ve been matched with, I think it would be natural that you start to look elsewhere,” admitted Martha.

Name: Liz

Age: 27

Bombshell Secret: She’s constantly attracting men that aren’t available


27-year-old Store Manager Liz has never been in a long-term relationship herself, but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t had her share of experience with married men.

In fact, she admitted that in the six short-term relationships that she has had in her life, she’s made the unfortunate discovery that they’re either married or already in a committed relationship.

But don’t think that her bad luck in the love department means that she’s ready to settle for just anyone. If Liz doesn’t like what she sees when she walks down the aisle on her MAFS wedding day she’s more than prepared to pull a runaway bride!

Name: Ines

Age: 28

Bombshell secret: Now we ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…But girl only wants a man with moolah


This 28-year-old Legal assistant is heading into this show with no doubt in her mind about what she’s looking for in a fella. And it turns out her list doesn’t go too far past his wallet.

“When I envision my future, I can see myself being highly successful, so that’s sort of the reason I’d prefer someone who has money,” she said.

Although she was quick to add that she wouldn’t break up with someone if they didn’t have the cash right then and there. But he’d definitely have to be working towards it.

“Like if he had ambitions and was highly driven and he just wasn’t there yet, then no,” Ines continued to NW.

“But if he was like content with being a low-achiever in life, then yeah I would.” Looks like this lot is certainly going to keep us on our toes this season!

Married At First Sight 2019 airs on Monday 28th January at 7:30pm.

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