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Meghan Markle’s Nephew Makes Special Pot Blend For Wedding

There’s no doubt that when a Royal Wedding comes around, the world goes a bit cuckoo for merchandise that commemorates the event.

There’s typically specially designed plates, mugs, posters and jumpers that people collect with the hope that one day they will be worth a bit of dosh.

But this latest product on the market to help celebrate the big day that’s soon to come for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is a little bit out of the ordinary…and we don’t think the royal family would really approve of it.

Why? Because in most places it’s actually illegal! That’s right someone has gone ahead and created a special strain of POT for those who feel like making the royal wedding a much more mellow celebration.

But it get’s even better. The guy growing the grass, that’s been named Markle’s Sparkle after the future royal, is actually Meghan Markle’s 25-year-old nephew, Tyler Dooley.

Tyler, who is son to Meghan's half brother Thomas Markle Jr, is a legit cannabis grower in Oregon over in the states where marijuana is legal and according to The Daily Mail he’s created a new hybrid blend to commemorate his aunt’s big day.

Of course, Markle’s Sparkle is only available in places where Pot is legal in the States but Tyler has said that he’d be “more than happy” to have Meghan and Harry come visit him in Grant’s Pass, Oregon to try some and become more educated on the benefits of medical cannabis.

Cannabis remains illegal in the UK and is actually a jailable offence. 

We’re not certain if Tyler received an invite to the Royal Wedding as he claims that he hasn’t spoken to Meghan in three years, but we think it’s safe to say the Royals won’t be extending an invitation to him anytime soon after his drug dabbling ways…

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