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Nicole Kidman Is UNRECOGNIZABLE In New Pictures

When you think of Nicole Kidman the image that usually comes to mind is her hair. That gorgeous, signature, strawberry blonde hair that is usually cascading down her back to sit just below her shoulders.

But if you saw the most recent pictures that are beginning to surface of Nicole, we think that you would barely recognise her. We're talking, if you happened to walk past her and Keith on the street you would literally not know it was her!

And that's because the actress is now sporting a brunette bob! And that sweet, ivory skin of hers is missing too, swapped out for a fake tan. And my gosh, she looks slightly older too!


Is that really you Nicole?!


But before you start worrying, this new look is all for a new action-crime film that she is currently filming called Destroyer, not a midlife crisis.

Oh and the bob is actually a wig, so pheeewww the red/blonde locks will be back in no time!

In the upcoming film, Kidman plays Erin Bell, a police detective who reconnects with people from a past undercover assignment in order to make peace.

The film is expected to hit cinemas sometime next year.

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