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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Have Revealed Marriage Date

Rob Kardashian and partner Blac Chyna have revealed when they will get married, with one being way more keen than the other.

In a Facebook Live video, Blac Chyna has said: "If it were up to Rob we would go tomorrow!"

"We would have been at the courthouse downtown a long, long time ago," Rob agreed.
"He wants to go there, but I'm like we need to do it the traditional way," Chyna continued.
"Every woman deserves to have a beautiful wedding not when they're pregnant," Rob added as Chyna spoke back, "Because I want to turn up after. I want to turn up on my honeymoon, and I want to turn up on you."

They go on to say that it’s like the wedding will be ‘’next year to give you guys an idea. It’s not going to this year. I kinda want to get my body back.’’

The couple has also said this will not be their last child together with Rob wanting ‘’Three more, so four total. Plus King that's five,’’ Chyna said.

Now, that is a big family!

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