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Ruby Rose Has Been SLAMMED By Her Fans For Making A Donation

Ruby Rose has been slammed for donating $US10,000 to a local American relief fund following the floods in Houston.

The 31-year-old donated thousands of dollars to the LGBT centre in the city but fans didn’t take well to the news saying that she was only helping those from the LGBT community.

Rose was forced to tell them that the centre “does not discriminate people” following her generous donation.

“I don’t agree with the wording and personal attacks but I do understand those unaware of what an LGBT centre represents and how it works,” she tweeted.

In a typed out statement Rose said: “It is one of the most inclusive organisations I can think of.”

“It’s not like they check how gay you are on entry. Truthfully I just don’t post everything I do as it’s not really about that.

“It’s far more rewarding to donate anonymously by a long mile.”

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