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Ryan Gosling’s Doppelgänger Is So Hot We’d Settle For Him

There's no doubt that landing the lead role in rom-com film 'The Notebook' turned the loveable Ryan Gosling into every woman's hollywood crush with his cute accent and wounded soul.

I mean his chiseled good looks didn't hurt either...but what we're trying to say is that we don't blame any gal for imagining the 'Gos' as their boyf.

And while the sexy AF actor might be just a tad out of reach due to his celeb status and you know the fact that there's only one off him and a million girls out there in love with him, we may just have some good news.

THERE'S A SECOND RYAN GOSLING OUT THERE! Well sort of...he's an identical look-alike, or twin if you will! And if you ask me, he's just as yummy, if not more, than the real deal.

Johannes Laschet, a fashion blogger and law student from Germany, has recently stepped onto the scene, with many spotting the likeness to the Canadian actor through his instagram profile.

Going by the more casual name "Joe", the handsome doppelganger is son to German politician Armin Laschet and describes himself as an "enthusiast of classic menswear", which he showcases throughout his insta snaps.

And if we're not mistaken, a lot of the pictures look to be inspired by some of Ryan Gosling's infamous characters. Take the loveable Noah from the aforementioned hit 'The Notebook'.

Or Gosling's womaniser character in 'Crazy Stupid Love'...

But this may be unintentional, as Joe has spoken about his recently discovered likeness to the celebrity and we get the impression he isn't thrilled by the comparison.

"It often occurs and sometimes is exhausting... There are worse things and you should not complain about it now. It's better than when people say, 'He looks like Danny Devito."

But that doesn't mean that we can't appreciate the fact that there's a second hottie on the rise for us to admire. Prepare to swoon at this collection of pics from Joe's instagram profile below...

You're welcome.

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