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How To Figure Out Who’s Going Home On The Bachelorette

While watching the Bachelor or Bachelorette rose ceremonies, we’re on the edge of our seats, biting our nails, wondering who on earth the Bachelor or Bachelorette will pick.

But, we will wonder no longer… It seems fans have found out a way to discover who goes home every night before Sophie reveals it - and it’s super easy.

One Twitter user leaked the hack online, saying that the contestants that  receive a rose have a magnet attached to their lapels before they get their rose from rose… those who don’t have a magnet - yep - they don’t get a rose.


Take last night for instance, every guy had a magnet on the lapel of their jacket… besides Bingham.

And it was Bingham who Sophie said goodbye to.


Fancy THAT.

After the episode aired, @SiennaSapphire tweeted: 'I've worked out who the one going home will be. They all have magnets for the rose, except the loser.'

Does this mean the boys KNOW who's going home before the rose ceremony even BEGINS?!

The magnets are a way of ensuring the roses are attached to the boys’ jackets flawlessly - with NO pricks. 


Source: Daily Mail

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