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Sophie Monk's Shock Hospitalisation

It's not a sight you want to see - Aussie golden girl Sophie Monk lying in a hospital bed, unconscious. However, the star has shared the confronting footage for a purpose - to raise awareness. 

Sophie Monk shared a video of herself on Instagram, laying in a hospital bed with a respirator mask on her face. 

A doctor is heard telling the former Bachelorette, "We did find some endometriosis". 

Sophie captioned the vision: "So many women live not knowing they have endometriosis. If you have annoying cycles, you should ask your doctor."


The 38-year-old told 9Honey Celebrity: "The reason I found out I had endometriosis was I went to freeze my eggs at Monash - I'm just in discussions about it," Monk said.

"[My doctor] suggested - because I'm in a lot of pain, and I'm in and out of hospital a lot that people don't know about, and no one could find what it was - he suggested I might have endometriosis, and found it. That's how it came about."

However, the star was unaware that she had endometriosis until she underwent the keyhole surgery to check.

"The reason I posted it is because there's so many women out there that don't know they have it - you just learn to live with it and think it's normal, and you've got PMT or something," Monk told 9Honey.

"He said 90 per cent of women he does that test on have it."

Endometriosis is a disorder in which the tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside of it, often causing excruciating pain. 

For more information on the condition, head to Endometriosis Australia

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