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Sophie Speaks Out After Suspicions Bachelorette Was 'Rigged'

Despite the fact that our girl Sophie Monk said that she wanted to find a down to earth Aussie bloke that she can marry and have kids with on the Bachelorette, no one was really surprised that she ended up choosing Stu (a millionaire who's still married and has a vasectomy) in the finale.

He acted smug all season as though he knew that he had it in the bag and of course the pair had already met before the season started.

And already the pair have been through a lot together with the rumour mill churning out suspicions that the paid have already split. Though both Sophie and Stu strongly denied this.

But now, Sophie has had to come out guns blazing defending herself against rumours once again with people now claiming that The Bachelorette was actually rigged this season and Stu had been picked as the winner from the beginning.

Over the weekend some gossips have come across footage of Sophie giving a speech at Stu's birthday party and claim that she suggested that they had been secretly meeting with each other throughout the filming of the show.

"Stu and I are very similar - we're not very good at rules," Monk says in the video.

"So the whole time through The Bachelorette, [when] we were meant to be in lockdown, we saw each other more than any [normal] couple I think. I'd leave a key down in the garage, and he'd just pick it up and go straight to the room.

"He had that arrogance in there [the mansion]. He knew he was going to win [the whole time]."

Kind of suspicious right?

Well since the footage surfaced, Sophie has actually come out herself to completely shut down the rumours and the clarify what she actually meant.

Taking to her Instagram story, Sophie wrote, "Not true. Let me clear this up."

"I Sneakily saw him AFTER we had finished shooting the show, before the finale aired. And his attitude was like he won most of the time. I swear it was totally legit. Love Soph."

Well there you have it, case closed, straight from the Bachelorette herself. In fact the only thing really to take from this story is that she's not the best public speaker and her words don't always come out the way that she means...God love ya Soph.

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