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Taylor Swift Just Pulled The Dodgiest Move & We're Not OK

Guys, WHAT is going on with Taylor Swift?

The singer has been as close to missing as a celebrity can get, having only been papped ONCE in the last six months - when she visited her mum for Mother's Day - and, while she was in court every day of her recent assault case, she wasn't spotted by anybody outside the room.

But the social media queen has taken her dogged silence one step further and the internet is NOT dealing with it; Taylor's Instagram has been totally cleared out, with photos, bio and everyone she's following deleted in one fell swoop.


Her official Twitter and Facebook have also had a pretty good spring clean, with profile pictures wiped out and any post after 2015 deleted too.



The odd behaviour adds a whole heap of credibility to the theory that the award-winning singer has been holed up somewhere working on new music - and she's almost ready to drop it.

The timing also seems pretty legit; Taylor tends to drop her albums in October, and usually announces tour dates just before Christmas.

Which means we're gonna go ahead and advise you to start saving for a ticket now.

Taylor's coming back.

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