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Condition Keeping Beyonce's Newborn Twins In Hospital

It has been revealed that Beyonce and Jay Z’s twins arrived ahead of time.

The babies were born prematurely and are being treated for jaundice, according to TMZ.

The pair have not left hospital since arriving into the world eight days ago.

It was previously reported that doctors had opted to keep them in hospital for a ‘minor issue’.

The siblings have spent the majority of their first days under ‘bill lights’, a phototherapy system that is designed to eliminate high level of bilirubin In the blood.

Jaundice is quite common among newborns, especially preterm births; twins are more susceptible since they are rarely carried to full term.

The yellow substance is created when old red blood cells are replaced by new ones and it causes a baby’s skin and eyes to turn yellow.

Untreated it can be very dangerous, but once diagnosed it is usually successfully treated. 

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