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The 'First Dates' Moment We Can't Believe We Actually Know

They were not shown on any of the promos for last night’s first dates but holy moly they should have been.

Within minutes of meeting, contestants Kyle and Ashleigh stood up and cleared the room as they made out in front of everyone.

An during the ‘where are they now’ segment at the end of First Dates last night, it as revealed that 'Ashleigh and Kyle spent the night together.’ 'It included fast food and "cuddles."'


The pairs sexual chemistry was pretty much undeniable from the moment they met, with Ashleigh even telling the waiter: 'Meet my future husband, Kyle.' 

Seconds later and fueled by pure, unleaded lust, the pair practically lept over the table to embrace, sharing a passionate kiss right in front of everyone.

As the couple finished their mains, the waiter asked, 'any desserts tonight?'

'No, I'm great, thank you,' Ash replied, remembering her promise to 'stay classy,' from earlier. But Kyle, who made no such promise, added: 'I've got my dessert right here.'

And, well.. we know what happened next.

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