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The Real Reason Selena Gomez Spent 2 Weeks In Rehab

Selena Gomez is committed to taking care of her mental health after her kidney transplant.

Her recent two week rehab stint had nothing to do with her relationship with Bieber like many suspected, and more to do with her emotional state after the major surgery last year.

An insider has said that as soon as Selena noticed she was feeling down, she sought treatment as soon as possible so her headspace didn't get gradually worse. 

"Selena has always been pretty good about taking care of her health, and she’s never been a hard partier particularly," the source close to Selena has claimed. 

"It’s pretty common for people to suffer some level of post-transplant depression after undergoing a major operation like the one Selena had last year—and, she was warned by doctors that she could experience depression, anxiety and irritability."

It's believed that her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, has been super supportive the whole time and is encouraging her to take it easy. 

"Justin has been really amazing, so supportive and loving,” the insider adds.

"He constantly tells Selena how proud he is of her for being brave enough to seek treatment the minute she knew she was struggling emotionally."

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