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Revelation That Pretty Much Reveals Who HASN'T Won Bachelor

There is a good chance she may be about to win Matty J’s heart on the Bachelor finale this week.

But Elise Stacy has revealed that she is fearful she will be left dumped, just as Matty was on last years, Bachelorette.

Speaking to NewsCorp on Wednesday, the 29-year-old revealed that she is worried Matty’s affections for her may not be genuine.

'That's my biggest fear going through this - that he might not be genuine in the things that he is saying and that this process might not be genuine,' she told the publication.

She added: 'That is always at the back of your head and for me, as a strong independent woman, I would hate to have the wool pulled over my eyes. it would be the biggest defeat for me.

As we see the Bachelor come to a close, Elise is the favourite to leave tonight, with the favourite Laura Byrne and Tara Pavlovic expected to be the final two.

The Bachelor airs tonight at 7:30 PM on Ten.

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