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The Shock News About Lleyton And Bec Hewitt

We have been hearing they are going to split for years

But Woman’s Day has now claimed that Bec and Lleyton Hewitt are now ‘leading seperate lives.’

According to the magazine, tennis star Lleyton, 36, has escaped to the Bahamas after 'constant fights and bickering' with Bec, 34, who stayed in Melbourne. 

'They argue a lot, but it's been worse lately as he's been spending more and more time drinking with his mates to avoid home - and Bec - who hates it when Lleyton drinks,' a 'source' allegedly told the publication.

It is also claimed that the pair have been apart for almost six weeks a year, with Lleyton spending time in the Bahamas before travelling to the US and Belgium, where he is currently based for the Davis Cup semifinals, narrowly missing hurricane Irma. 

'It really is like he and Bec are leading separate lives,' the source allegedly told the magazine. 

The magazine also alleges that the pair don't have a pre-nup and Lleyton - who is worth a whopping $60 million - is 'aware how costly a divorce could be.'

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