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The Total Make-Under Margot Robbie Underwent For I, Tonya

Margot Robbie is, without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood. Many people would kill to have her looks, but it’s her looks that proved to cause quite a struggle when it came to transforming her into infamous figure skater Tonya Harding.

Stylists on the film were tasked with the challenge of bringing back the 90s and downgrading Margot’s look for runway to rink-ready. Make-up artist Deborah La Mia Denaver explained to Refinery29 that many of the cosmetics applied to Margot’s face did nothing but make her look like “a fashion model as opposed to a skater from that time period.”

  • Here’s a full list of everything the team did to make-under Margot:
  • Bleached her eyebrows weekly to minimise her natural arch and then filled in hairs to make them look longer and dragged down since “Tonya had no discipline with her brows”
  • Skipped using foundation to give her a fresher and more innocent look
  • Glue down the corner of her eyes with lash adhesive to make them look droopier
  • Draw little lines around her mouth to pull it down
  • Use drugstore makeup that Tonya would’ve been able to realistically afford at the time
  • Use press on fake nails

Margot’s hair was also quite a challenge for the hairstyling team. In order to achieve the perfect crunchy look that was so popular in the 90s, the team chose to work with wigs rather than Margot’s natural hair as all the changes in style would’ve surely ruined her hair. 

The wigs were treated to multiple perms and colourings and the hairstylists often resorted to pouring beer into the wife and letting it dry to achieve the correct texture. 

The film’s hairstylist Aduitha Lee said, “That look [of the crunchy hair texture] was very popular at the time, but Tonya Harding took it to a whole new level - so we had to really fry the wigs.”

It seems like Margot went through a lot to achieve her Tonya Harding look! Looks like it ain’t easy being that pretty.

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