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The Weeknd Has Been Deep In Selena Gomez's Instagram

First things first: Who exactly IS it who keeps track of what celebrities are following/ unfollowing/ liking/ unliking things on Instagram?

That has to be a full-time job, and yet NOTHING seems to get past the internet's eagle-eyes. 

The latest celeb to have their social media activity placed under the fandom's microscope is The Weeknd AKA Abel Tesfaye who is, of course, dating Selena Gomez.

We're quite happy to admit that we were wrong when it came to predicting these two's longevity; we honestly thought we were looking at another Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston situation and that they'd be over before they started. 

But eight months later they're still going strong - and it looks like they're only getting more obsessed.

Because whether The Weeknd just happened to have a couple of spare hours up his sleeve or he was determined to check out exactly what his girlfriend used to get up to, the Starboy singer was caught up knee DEEP in Sel's Instagram account, double-tapping pics from 2015.

Just for context, Selena has more than 1,300 Instagram posts. That's a lot of trawling.

So basically The Weeknd is either the most supportive boyfriend of all time or he's well and truly obsessed with his girlfriend and everything she does.

You decide.

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