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THIS Is The Real Reason Alex Won

It's the decision that shocked Australia on last night's Bachelor finale.

While Nikki was the front runner, Richie gave his final rose to 24-year-old mum Alex. 

While Alex looked like the difficult choice, living in Melbourne and having a 5-year-old son, it seems love really does conquer all. 

Alex wowed Richie from the moment they met, reading the rope technician a heartfelt poem on the first night. 

'I've given up my life to cross paths with a beautiful stranger. So I'm going to give you some clues about me straight from the heart and hopefully with these we'll hit it off right from the very start,' she read.

'Few have made it past the surface, although they have truly tried. I guess there's quite a bit to time, more than meets the eye,' she continued.  

Future Bachelor hopefuls take note, it's worth embarrassing yourself in the first episode! 


The pair bonded over their love of footy and after seeing them clown around in that chocolate bath, it's evident Richie was looking for someone to share a laugh with.

Things got real when Richie's mum admitted she didn't picture her son with a single mum.

But it seemed the easy choice, was not where Richie's heart lay. 


Alex is not the first single mum to win a Bachelor's heart.

Last year the only Bachelorette with a child, Snez, shocked viewers when she received Sam's final rose.

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