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Tyga’s Paternity Test Results For Kylie’s Baby Are In

When Kylie Jenner announced that not only had she actually been pregnant but that she had also given birth, the internet went into meltdown. Questions started to pour in such as, ‘how did she manage to not get photographed by paparazzi for all those months?’, ‘is this a joke?’, and ‘when will we get our first look at the baby?’.

Surprisingly, one question that people began to ask was, “Who is the father of Kylie’s baby daughter Stormi Webster?”. Fans quickly began focusing out the overlap in the timeline of Kylie’s relationships where there was only a small window between her and Tyga breaking up, and her and Travis Scott going public with their relationship. People began speculating that Tyga was in fact the father to baby Stormi and not Travis!

my angel baby is 1 month old today

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According to Radar Online, Tyga wanted a DNA test because, “he really thinks that there is a chance this baby could be his,” and that, “he told friends that he was still sexually active with Kylie nine months ago, when this baby was likely conceived.”

To add fuel to the fire, Tyga also uploaded to his snapchat a headline image of Kylie’s pregnancy rumours with the caption, “Hell nah that’s my kid”

A source has now told The Sun that, “Kylie begged him to back off because she didn’t need the embarrassment,” and that, “after a lot of pressure from Tyga, she finally gave in [to taking a paternity test], but under one condition, that Tyga would never talk about it again.”

However, although Tyga agreed to the conditions, he couldn’t resist and, “after the test came back negative he tweeted a statement that revealed he isn’t the father and has done nothing wrong.”

The source added, “Since Tyga’s tweet, the Kardashian family has been irate.”

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