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Woah Woah Woah: Sofia Vergara Has A Hot 26-Year-Old Son?!

We always knew that Sofia Vergara had a kid but we've never quite paid attention to him before now - which, obviously, we're kicking ourselves about.

The Modern Family actor shares Manolo Gonzalez Vergara with her high school sweetheart Joe, who she was briefly married to in Colombia as a teenager.

Now 26, Manolo lives with his 45-year-old mother in the US and proudly accompanied her to Sunday night's Emmy Awards.

Luckily Manolo doesn't seem to mind being in the spotlight; he told Entertainment Tonight that he's quite happy to be the back-up date.

"It's amazing," he said, jokingly adding: "She invites me when Joe's busy, so..."

His equally attractive mum chimed in: "[Joe's] shooting a movie in New York. So I'm like, 'Manolo, you wanna come?'"

Which is all well and good, but it seems no-one asked the really important question...

Is Manolo single? Asking for a friend.

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