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You Can Literally Buy Meghan Markle’s House

Now that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are engaged the pair will be moving into a gorgeous cottage together at Kensington Palace.

Before her touch with royalty, Meghan Markle lived in a normal house in Toronto, Canada, close to the set of 'Suits' which she was a lead actress on.

But now that Megs and Prince Harry are engaged and look set to be shacking up together in a gorgeous cottage at Kensington Palace, her Toronto home is being put on the market.

And if you're up for a move to Canada and have a spare $1.8 million (AUD) just lying around, the quaint home could be yours!

The ultra-modern home is set on a quiet street in Seaton Village with a landscaped garden, spacious kitchen, three bedrooms and two car garage.

But the real selling point? It's one of the locations that saw Meghan and Harry's love story flourish, with one of Meghan's old Neighbour's telling a local newspaper that Prince Harry would be over at the house ALL the time.

"We're used to seeing the big SUV with security guys and the constant cameras," said Alex Beauregard to the Toronto Star.

The house is having an open home this weekend, and though it isn't being advertised as an ex-royal residence just imagine telling people that you live in the house where Meghan and Harry fell in love...

I think the price tag is worth the bragging rights there.

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