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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How Kate Became A Rose

Fifteen years ago Kate Winslet had us in tears as she desperately clutched to Leonardo DiCaprio while watching the Titanic sink.

Now producers at Paramount have given us the opportunity to see the star qualities that convinced them Winslet would make the perfect Rose.

The footage of her original screen test, alongside Law & Order actor, Jeremy Sisto, prove that even at the age of 19 Winslet was more than capable of captivating audiences!

Check out the footage below which is being released as part of the Blu-ray edition of the film.

Who's That On Glee?

Glee has proven there are in fact a few Hollywood celebrities out there who pose the triple threat - being able to sing, dance and act.

In the latest footage released from the show, Kate Hudson proves she is most definitely part of the elite club, as she makes even Leah Michelle's character, Rachel Berry, quiver in her boots.

In the footage (below), Hudson sings and dances to a mashup of Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez and Americano by Lady Gaga.

Rihanna Unveils New Tattoo

Last week Rihanna showed off her new shorter 'do, this week the singer has unveiled her latest tattoo - an image of the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

The star posted a rather revealing photo of the tattoo which spans across her ribcage and up onto her chest.  The design is believed to mark her 18th visit to be inked.

In the Instagram post, Rihanna explained the tattoo is in tribute to he grandmother who passed away after loosing her battle with cancer earlier this year.


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