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10 Things You Do When You're Addicted To The Bachelor

1. You cancel plans that fall on either a Wednesday or Thursday night.

2. You're disappointed by any date you're taken on that doesn’t involve helicopters, yachts or fine dining. #dirtystreetpies

3. When you listen to males around you… you wish they had a deeper voice like Blake.

4. You find yourself lighting a lot of candles around your house.

5. You've already planned a finale viewing party with all the girls.

6. You talk about the Bachelorette’s like they’re women you know.

7. You stay off Twitter and Facebook to avoid spoilers.

8. Whenever you see a red rose… you wonder if someone is about to present it to you.

9. You've found all of the Bachelorettes on Instagram.

10. The word ‘connection’ has replaced all other words to describe a relationship.

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