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A Devil Wears Prada Spinoff Book Is Coming

The Devil Wears Prada....ahh what a classic. 

Even though the title of both the book and film hints that the main character is supposed to be a devil who wears prada, i.e the demanding and yes, devil-incarnate Editor-in-Chief of Runway magazine, Miranda Priestly, she's not really the main focus of either take on the story.

In fact, even Andy Sachs, the loveable, hardworking, mess of a girl who transforms herself into a true boss lady in the fashion world, isn't really the person we would say was most memorable from the tale...In our eyes anyway.

Oh no, hands down the most captivating character, even though it might not be intended that way, was none other than Emily Charlton.

With her british accent, intelligent wit, hilarious one-liners and certifiably insane diet techniques, Emily one over audiences book, film and sinker...see what we did there.


In fact, Emily Blunt's take on the character in the film was so darn impressive that the role actually launched her now very successful career in Hollywood.


And now, 14-years since the original book was released by Lauren Weisberger, it appears that a new spinoff book will be hitting the shelves, and it's going to be ALL about Emily.

Entitled 'When Life Gives You Lululemons', the novel will follow Emily through her new life in the 'burbs...well in Connecticut, as a celebrity image consultant.

She's living the high life, partying at Gigi Hadid's house on New Year's Eve when suddenly she gets a call to do some desperate damage control for a Justin Bieber-adjacent celebrity...whatever that means.

Either way it sounds incredibly juicy and we're absolutely certain that when Emily is dealt a handful of 'Lululemons' in her life, she fights back with her hilarious sarcasm and fiesty girl power.


When Life Gives You Lululemons will be released on June 5 2018 and we seriously can't wait to get our hands on a copy.

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