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Laguna Beach / Hills Original Is Getting A New Reality Show

We watched her on Laguna Beach and then the later seasons of The Hills... 

Now Kristin Cavallari is getting her own docu-series on E! following her more adult life. 

Since her early reality TV days Kristin has gotten married, had three children, started a fashion label and just recently published her own cookbook.

According to the network, "with her new home of Nashville as a backdrop, fans will get an exclusive look inside Kristin's life as a boss, businesswoman, wife, mom and friend."

"We will see Kristin push herself as a boss of a new and expanding brand while combating the pressure to succeed. She will be challenged with juggling her staff of strong-willed employees, making time for her husband, newly retired football player, Jay Cutler, and remaining an active mom to her three kids."

The show will follow Kristin as she opens her new store in Nashville and expands her business. 

And of course what happens when you combine work, fame, family and friends? 


The show is set to premiere in the American Summer - so not too long to wait! 

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