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A New Doco About Holland Park Mosque Gives 24-Hour Access

There’s a new doco coming to town and for the first time, will give viewers 24-hour access into an Australian mosque.

The Mosque Next Door is SBS new three-part documentary series that takes place in Brisbane’s Holland Park Mosque.

Premiering tonight at 8.30pm (Wed 8 Nov), the show will open it’s doors (and your eyes) for a look at a year in the life of the people inside.

“Holland Park Mosque has found itself in the firing line amidst growing fears from the wider community that Islam is contrary to the ‘Australian Way Of Life’,” a statement about the show reads.

The realities of life, love and acceptance in modern day Australia is the premise of the show and we will be introduced to ex-bikie Robbie, who converted to Islam after a prison stay and Lamisse, who turned her back on her faith in her teens but is now finding it again.

“The Mosque Next Door explores the tough, hot button issues facing Muslim communities across Australia – Islamophobia, radicalism, viral online videos of extremists, terrorism related investigations, the role of women in the mosque, and how some of the more traditional aspects of Muslim faith fit in with a Modern Australian way of life.”

The Mosque Next Door premieres tonight at 8.30pm  on SBS.

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