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Adele’s BIG Secret Entrance To Concerts Has Been REVEALED

Adele has well and truly taken over Australia this week, with the obsession at an all time high.

It’s for this reason that she is forced to take pretty drastic measures to ensure she isn’t swamped by her adoring fans every time she shows her face.

So, her crew have found a pretty inventive way to get her into the venue without anyone noticing - and let me tell you, I’m not sure how it was ever passed.

If you were at the concert and saw what appeared to be a big black ‘roadie box’, assumably filled with equipment, was actually the vehicle to get Adele to the stage.

There’s no way to make her way underground to her stage, because there’s no underground, so this is what they had to resort to! BIG points for creativity, but how bloody HOT would it get in there?!

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