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Adorable New Family Portrait Of Prince William, Kate & Kids

As the 20 year anniversary of Princess Diana’s death draws near, Prince William has opened up in a candid interview like never before.

Speaking to GQ, the heir to the throne admits one of his biggest regrets is that his mother will never meet his wife Kate or his two children, George, 3 and Charlotte, 2.

"I would like to have had her advice,” Prince William admitted.

“I would love her to have met Catherine and to have seen the children grow up.

“It makes me sad that she won’t, that they will never know her."

Accompanying the interview is a new photoshoot with his family.

The point of difference is how candid and relaxed William, Kate and the kids look as opposed to previous portraits released to the public.

One trait that William evidently got from Diana is the need for children to grow up in a loving, supportive family – regardless of the royal titles.

William said that the last thing he wants is for his two children to grow up behind palace walls, unaware of the world around them.

A refreshing stance from earlier royal protocol.

"I could not do my job without the stability of the family,” William said.  

“Stability at home is so important to me. I want to bring up my children in a happy, stable, secure world and that is so important to both of us as parents.

"I want George to grow up in a real, living environment, I don’t want him growing up behind palace walls, he has to be out there.

“The media make it harder but I will fight for them to have a normal life."

The 31st of August marks 20 years since the death of Princess Diana and William says that he is finally in a place where he feels comfortable discussing the loss of his mother at age 15.

“I am in a better place about it than I have been for a long time, where I can talk about her more openly, talk about her more honestly, and I can remember her better, and publicly talk about her better,” he said.

"It has taken me almost 20 years to get to that stage. I still find it difficult now because at the time it was so raw.

“And also, it is not like most people’s grief, because everyone else knows about it, everyone knows the story, everyone knows her.

"It is a different situation for most people who lose someone they love, it can be hidden away or they can choose if they want to share their story.”

Obviously, the work William and brother Harry have been doing with ‘Heads Together’ - a mental health campaign – has helped them heal and bring awareness to issues they hold dear.

Just another reason why we love the next generation of royals.

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