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All Bets Are Off In The Search For Sophie Monk's Heart

All bets are off, it seems. 

Betting agencies have one frontrunner pegged for The Bachelorette and Sophie Monk's heart and he's second to none. 

Stu Laundy has been in the mansion for less than a day and already his odds with betting agencies have skyrocketed. 

Ladbrokes is only paying out $1.25 if he wins the competition. 

Whereas the second best chance is apparently Luke at $6 or Apollo at $7.50. 

Sportsbet are a little more lenient with their pricing but still have Stu at $2, Luke at much shorter odds of $3.50, meanwhile James ($6) and Apollo ($6.50) round out the top four. 

Stu has been rumoured to take the crown since before he entered the mansion after being spotted on set filming a group date a few months back. 

He had already met Sophie before filming the reality TV show, trying to secure a date with her last year after a brief meeting, however the date never eventuated. 

Even Laundy's brother, MP Craig Laundy, seems invested in the series on social media - live tweeting as the episode went on. 

Only time will tell but we're not going to lie. We'd love to see an upset win on the Bachelorette for once!

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