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Amanda Bynes Photographed Out For The First Time In 3 Months

It’s been seven years since Amanda Bynes made a movie, and it’s no secret that she’s had some issues in her life over the past few years, including being hospitalised in a psychiatric ward, and a DUI.

The 31-year-old has been in ‘hiding’ for the last three months, not being seen in public until the weekend, when she stepped out with a woman thought to be her life coach, Joy Stevens.

Stevens reportedly never leaves her client’s side.

In June, Bynes had a positive interview with Good Morning America, at which time she announced a return to acting; “I do miss acting and I have something surprising to tell you — I’m going to start acting again.”

She added: “Maybe a few guest spots on some shows that I’m a fan of and maybe another TV show where I’m the star of it.”

Let’s hope she gets everything back on track.

Source: news.com.au

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